Saturday, May 16, 2009

S.O.G. Max Otoha Karas - I'll pass thanks

Well I'm just not sure about the figure below, amazingly enough it's a male figure release but to be honest it's just not appealing to me. Also, the price is excessive at 11,800Y. I cannot help but think this will be another figure that ends up drastically discounted. Good for those who have the testicular fortitude to possibly miss out on a figure they want. ;)

Here is the official blurb from the Good Smile site:

The dark watchmen, Karas!!

From Tatsunoko Production's 40 year aniversary OVA 'Karas', comes a figure of the main character from the show, 'Otoha Karas', who threw away his individuality to protect the city. The design of the figure has been created by the popular designer of the Eko Karas, Kenji Ando.

Flexible materials have been used all over the body, creating a very poseable action figure that never loses its style. The Karas sword in both its original version and expanded version are inlcluded, as well as exchangeable face parts and an abundance of replaceable hand parts.

The ability to recreate scenes from the anime has never been this easy!

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