Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Familiar of Zero: Nendoroid Louise

The Nendoroid series of excessively adorable PVC figurines are released by Good Smile Company. The latest announcement to the line comes from Familiar of Zero a series of light novels and the accompanying anime adaptations. For more details on the anime take a look at Wikipedia:

Louise is a prime example of why I love this figure line. She is adorable. It's an undeniable fact. The usual series of facial expression changes are great and cover a wide range of emotions. The production values will no doubt be up to the usual Good Smile standards. The only issue I have with Nendoroids is that they do tend to be a little on the small side, 14cm is not tiny but sometimes I do yearn for just one extra inch. I was still talking about Nendoroids there, get your mind out of the gutter. ;)

Image comes courtesy of the official Good Smile website:

an excellent source of information on some of the very best figure releases.

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