Monday, December 15, 2008

Final Fantasy Dissidia

As someone who has been playing videogames since I was about 8 years old Final Fantasy is a game series that seems to have been present at almost every stage of my life. Final Fantasy: Dissidia is a game set for release on the PSP, not a traditional JRPG but this time an action game, I admit to being rather curious as to how this game will play.

The character roster features both heroes and villains from many of the Final Fantasy series. Ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between FF6s Kefka and FF7s Sephiroth? This may be the game for you. :) So far the reviews from Japan have been very promising. This is a game I'm very much hoping lives up to its potential.

One good thing, the box artwork is done by Yoshitaka Amano who remains one of my favorite artists.

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