Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

When I was younger than I am now one of the anime series that had a huge impact upon me was Neon Genesis Evangelion. I remember being young and watching it for the first time and really not being too sure what exactly was going on but I was sure that on some level it was IMPORTANT. Meaningful even. Of course as time passed and the list of imitators grew many people began to forget the impact that NGE had when it first came out.  I never really thought that I would see a show that would rival the affection I still feel for Evangelion.

I certainly never forgot the people that produced it: Studio Gainax. Once of their recent productions is Gurren Lagann. Chances are if you are reading a blog about anime or are even vaguely a fan of anime you will have heard about it. Well this is a show that quite honestly is the best thing I've seen in probably close to a decade. Not because of the animation (which is great) or the characters (which are memorable) or even the story (which is superb) but for one simple reason: It's fun. I mean serious fun. Fun that involves smiling at your TV screen like a demented monkey, fun like your pulse is racing, fun like you've had a bad day and your now watching something that gets that and says you know something, don't worry about it.

Gurren Lagann is special and it is worth watching and I am very very grateful to Studio Gainax for producing it.

Gurren Lagann opening song courtesy of Youtube:

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